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Vivilicious Chocolates

Vivilicious Chocolates


About Us

Welcome to Vivilicious Chocolates, a woman-owned brand dedicated to redefining the art of chocolate. Our commitment to excellence and passion for culinary innovation make us more than just a confectionery – we are a destination for those seeking a refined and delightful chocolate experience. Our creations go beyond traditional chocolates, curated to offer a sophisticated journey for discerning palates.
VIIVLICIOUS CHOCOLATES is an artisanal chocolate company known for its commitment to superb quality and exquisite taste. We take pride in crafting an array of luxurious chocolate products.
- Exquisite Truffles: Our signature truffles are crafted with precision to deliver a symphony of flavors.
- Hot chocolate mixes: Our dark chocolate mixes are a blend of pure dark chocolates from different corners of the world.
- Eclipse bars - free-form chocolate bars infused with herbs, flowers and spices.
- Tasting Events and Classes: We offer an immersion in the world of chocolate through our hands-on classes, revealing the secrets behind chocolate and truffle-making.
- Corporate Gifts: Our customizable gift sets will bring joy and distinction to your professional relationships.
- Events: Our interactive private tastings and chocolate-making classes are tailored to your gatherings, team-building activities, fundraisings, birthday parties, weddings. Embark on a sensory journey with Vivilicious Chocolates where every bite unveils a symphony of irresistible delicacies, and every experience is crafted with precision and passion.


Classic Vivilicious Dark Chocolate Truffles
Velvet Mist ( Caramel Mousse Truffle) - Vivilicious best seller
Chocolate truffles and wine pairings
Chocolate truffles and wine pairings
Pistachio truffles
Dark Chocolate Mix - perfect for hot chocolate