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Breakthrough Decluttering

Breakthrough Decluttering


About Us

You have too much stuff! You want to free up the physical and emotional space it fills, but don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming!
Breakthrough Decluttering provides compassionate coaching to reclaim your space and your life.
You will enjoy functional, life-enhancing spaces and free up your time and energy for what’s truly important.
I create customized decluttering solutions for clients using my unique 3 Phased approach. In the Preparation Phase, I learn about who you are, what motivates you, and your vision for your space. During the Planning Phase, we define exactly what you want to accomplish and how to create the perfect environment for successful decluttering. Next is action and support - I coach you and provide accountability as you achieve your decluttering goals!

Keys to Success:

My virtual model makes the most of our time and lets you decide what you’re comfortable sharing. I’m always respectful of your time and your privacy.

We’ll talk about the emotional attachments you have to your stuff and how to respectfully preserve memories while also reducing clutter.

I promote responsible decluttering – we find ways to donate, sell, reuse and recycle what you no longer need.

We’ll start with a First Step Plan that supports your goals and provides a sense of accomplishment and momentum for continuing with your decluttering project.

I provide a customized and supportive decluttering experience.

Organizations We Would Like to Meet:
I would like to connect with businesses which may be in contact with individuals looking for decluttering services.